Our Mission

Our vision is to create premium, freshly roasted, coffee brands.

We create coffee brands to enhance the experience of the destination or theme.

Meet the Founders


RHN C.Ir CPB, Founder, Graphic Artist

I have always been an entrepreneur, from my first venture in high end vehicle leasing through running a successful alternative medicine practice and author of a self-help cookbook.

I have also had the great fortune to have my Art paintings represented in New York, Niagara on the Lake, Hamilton, and my own Gallery in Tobermory.


Vice President Sales, Marketing, Distribution

I have had the fortune to work with some of the most iconic companies on the planet, Fedex, Cisco Systems and Bell Canada.

The lessons and education I have accumulated in each of these companies has brought me to this point in my career and the launch of our new company.
This year we will be expanding our  foot print and are actively seeking couples or individuals who are interested in duplicating our seasonal coffee locations at their favorite vacation locations.