For The Love Of It

For The Love Of It

Tobermory is a very special place. I have had the privilege of spending every summer of my life here from camping to eventually building our cottage. 

I have cherished the memories of watching my sons embrace all that Tobermory has to offer them.

I have good friendships with people who travel here yearly from Canada and abroad.

The natural fit of Coffee and Tobermory came from watching my husband Jack prepare his coffee and enjoy it first thing in the morning on the dock.

Surrounding himself in nature with his morning brew is a small joy he looks forward to everyday. You see, Jack and I met at Starbucks 10 years ago, even our wedding had a Starbucks theme. 

We hear it all the time..."Do what you love." The natural fit of love of Tobermory, love of how coffee brought us together to creating Tobermory Coffee Company is all about the many "loves" in our life. We love meeting people and hearing about their adventures and uplifting discoveries and it's all given to us over a cup of coffee. 

We took the time to find the right coffee balance to represent the personalities of the Grotto, Singing Sands and Flowerpot Island. Now you can have your memories over a cup of coffee to share in conversations with friends or be with yourself, to take it all in. Taste The Memories that you have created.

 With the cold weather here and holiday season approaching quickly, I have a simple and yet really yummy dessert to please all those who come by to celebrate with you this holiday season.


Brownie Chocolate ice cream

Singing Sands Organic Coffee

The combination of this coffee with this ice cream is a perfect match made in Heaven.

2 scoops of ice cream 

3-5 Tablespoons of hot Singing Sands Coffee (Best if French Pressed)

Scoop ice cream into bowls then pour the hot coffee over ice cream.

Another way to "Taste the Memories" of this holiday season.